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Musings, learnings, frameworks, accolades, features, and bookmarks. Updated sporadically despite many attempts to create a habit.

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January 2022


2021 — a year of unexpected growth

2021 was different for me for many reasons. This is a year in review that started as a couple of bullet points and ended up being a long form therapeutic writing experience. Brace yourself before diving in.

December 2021


Podcast favs & recs from 2021

I spent a ridiculous amount of time in 2021 listening to podcasts. I collected my favorites and those of my friends on Instagram.

December 2021

Work notes

3 things that have helped me become a better designer

An attempt to distill the myriad of things I’ve learned over the past decade to just three that have had the most impact on my design practice.

October 2021

Work notes


A long-ish document about my management principles and quirks that I share with new team members (or when I join a new team).

September 2021


The Clearleft Podcast: Innovation︎︎︎

I had the wonderful opportunity to join a discussion with a diverse group of practitioners on innovation, how it’s often misunderstood, sometimes over-glamourized, and so difficult to get right. 

August 2021

Work notes

Key tenets of high-performing cross-functional product teams

Mostly agreeable but extremely rare to find.

May 2021


Running a homemade relief effort in response to India’s COVID-19 crisis from afar︎︎︎

Barbara, Sanya, and I set up and ran a remote volunteer network of doctors in May 2021 to help with the deadly second wave of COVID-19 in India.

We wrote about our journey and how we ran the service, hoping to inspire and enable anyone else who might want to run a similar initiative in response to a public health crisis.

April 2021


Interview with 8px Magazine︎︎︎

I shared my thoughts with 8px magazine on leading a team remotely, balancing work and life as a new parent during the pandemic, storytelling, collaboration, and a few other fun things.