Akshan Ish

Human. Father. Indian. Expat. Designer.

Grew up on cassettes and floppy disks. Got addicted to computers through Dangerous Dave and MS-DOS. Was part of a South Asian rap community on Orkut. Basketball lover since 2001. Used to pretend to play the drums as a teenager, now I pretend to play the piano as an adult. ︎︎︎More

I’m a designer with a love for crafting valuable product experiences, and a manager with a passion for supporting designers in their growth.

I currently lead a team of designers at Spotify who work on the core mobile experience enabling millions of listeners around the world discover audio content they’ll love and be inspired by.

My design practice is rooted in insights, prototyping, and storytelling. I believe that organisations can be successful in the long term by consistently making choices that are good for the people involved in the system in the short term.

My recent work in consumer tech has centered around helping people find things they’re looking for or discover something new that inspires them — a song they used to rock out to from their teenage years, a story that unlocks a language concept, or a podcast that teaches them something new about the world.


Musings, learnings, frameworks, accolades, features, and bookmarks. Updated sporadically despite many attempts to create a habit.


Places I’ve had the privilege to work at and things I’ve had the opportunity to do over the last 10 years or so.

Akshan Ish
Munich, Germany
Last updated on January 18th, 2022